What points must we know to buy street lights?

What points must we know to buy street lights?

Street lights need to be lit every day, and the lighting time is relatively long. If the quality is not too hard, not only the people are not satisfied, but also the management and maintenance of street lights is also a big task, so the lighting rate of street lights is one of the key indicators. . Then at the beginning of the purchase of street lamps, the following key links should be grasped.

Purchasing link

When purchasing, the first is the light decay test report, which is a very important link. When bidding, each company will provide light attenuation test reports of different units. Some provide their own self-tests, and some third-party tests. Although the test reports here are good, the actual light attenuation is very different. The reason Everyone knows it, so how can we discern the real product with our eyes?

LED street light

The test report is first and foremost a designated agency recognized by the Semiconductor Alliance. For example, Beijing Electric Light Source Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Shanghai Electric Light Source Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and the Thirteenth Institute of Semiconductors, etc., the light decay of the test reports from these units is credible. The street lights used for road lighting have high power and generate large amounts of heat. The detection of light decay shows two problems: the light decay is qualified, and the power supply is passed. If a street lamp can’t pass the test in the laboratory, can the quality be guaranteed when it is still on the road?

Street light structure

Street light structure

After passing the pass of the street light attenuation test, the structure is a big problem. This problem has received little attention in the industry, and it is also one of the main reasons for the large light decay in the actual use of street Lights.

We all know that the area of smog in the country is so large, it not only harms people’s body, but also causes the deterioration of street lights, especially in the northern region, where there is a lot of dust and haze. Covered with dust, its cooling effect is greatly reduced. This is also one of the main culprits that LED street lights are not known by everyone.

According to this situation, the lighting design must be transparent from top to bottom. The heat dissipation area is doubled, because no street lamp management department will clean the radiator on time. In long-term use, it can only be washed by rain. After the area is enlarged, it will leave enough to reduce the effective heat dissipation area due to pollution.

Light source part

There is a barrel effect in the decline of street lights, and it is not enough to have a short board. The light decay has plagued everyone for so many years. The problem here is that you can solve the light decay by making the radiator of the lamp well. No, everyone started to discuss it in the past. Using a low-power chip shell-type package, but a high-power chip will not work. It is said that the heat of the chip cannot be dissipated due to high power. This is not the case. The COB package has more concentrated heat. The aluminum bracket or copper bracket can completely solve the heat conduction problem.

But the light decay is more difficult to control. The reason is that a good heat sink may not solve the problem of light decay of the light source. There is a big misunderstanding in the light source packaging. The silica gel of the COB light source is too thick. The thinner the silica gel package, the better, to facilitate the chip The light-emitting surface dissipates heat, which is why the light decay of the COB light source is not well controlled.

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