Several factors affecting the service life of solar street Light are analyzed

Several factors affecting the service life of solar street Light are analyzed

Analysis of the factors affecting the service life of solar street lights?

Solar street light, solar garden light is a common outdoor lighting tool, which is greatly influenced by natural factors. In order to ensure its service life, it is necessary to improve its resistance to wind, frost, rain and snow from its own configuration when designing. The main factors affecting the service life of solar street light are as follows:

Light source

the type of light source is different, its service life is not the same, the light source is generally low pressure sodium light, low pressure electroless light, LED light and so on. Now we install solar street light with more light source is sodium light and LED light, sodium light price is cheaper, but the life is short; LED light life is 50000 hours, a day if 10 hours of light, it can be used for at least 10 years, but the price is more expensive than other light sources, this is the general reason why people choose LED light source.

The starter

different start in a different way, need different ballast or drive power light, it has a great impact to the light source, LED light source, in particular, now in general use constant current source drive, the stand or fall of constant current source and set parameters is suitable for light source is very important, basically see constant current precision, efficiency and protecting circuit parameters such as output parameter.


the solar controller controls the multi-channel solar cell array to charge the battery and the battery to power the load of the solar inverter. In the case of insufficient battery power, a controller with high precision and stable performance will play a key role.


the stability of the battery directly affects the service life of the solar street light, so when you choose the battery, you must choose a more stable one.

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