50W Led track panel Light 45° angle adjust panel light for supermarket clothing shops

High-end quality 50w led track panel light for clothing store, library, shopping mall, supermarket. CRI80/90Ra track panel light can meet different guests requires.


45° adjustable on both sides, 60/90/120°multi-angle stereo projection  

50W led led panel track lighting system to achieve multi-angle stereo light, also can be stable positioning in any direction, from different directions in different positions to display goods, more stereoscopic and more prominent show the characteristics of the main goods, do not leak any details.

Flicker free, low power consumption

50W track panel lighting uses high PF flicker free power supply, in line with the new Regulations of The European electrical standard, to avoid serious strobe lamp on eyes and brain irreversible damage, PF>0.9, low power consumption, reduce the loss of electricity, reduce the waste of resources.

Low UGR, no glare, uniform color  

50W adjustable track panel light uses high-quality lens, professional light distribution optimization design, maximizes the light pass rate, reasonable reflection surface and special processing, soft and uniform light, UGR<19, no glare, no glint, effectively avoid customers shopping discomfort, to create a happy shopping environment for customers.

Rail installation without ceiling, low cost

50W lens led panel track lighting patented design products, track light rail can be installed on the surface can also be suspended, different installation methods with flexibility to meet the needs of different occasions lighting design, lifting without chandelier, reduce wiring and labor costs, low cost.