LED luminaire heat dissipation mode and principle!

LED luminaire heat dissipation mode and principle!

In semiconductor lighting devices, high power and high brightness LED fixtures are usually used, which have the advantages of low power consumption and long service life, and are widely used in the field of lighting. However, the current photoelectric conversion efficiency is low, and a large proportion of the energy is converted into heat, so the power density on the LED chip is very high. High power density also puts forward high requirements for the heat dissipation of the device. The heat dissipation problem of LED fixtures has become a major problem affecting its industrial development.

LED luminaire heat dissipation mode and principle –LED luminaire

1), LED fixtures and lanterns cooling way

The cooling mechanism of LED fixtures generally has these forms:

1. Heat conduction metal or heat fin is used to heat the LED package.

2. Forced heat dissipation of LED fixtures by built-in fan.

3. Heat dissipation of circulating liquid is set in the package.

4. The heat pipe combined in the package can absorb or emit heat energy when the working medium in the heat pipe changes phase.

2), heat dissipation principle and characteristics

LED fixtures and lanterns of heat pipe heat dissipation design, is the use of the principle of material transformation, has can absorb or send out the characteristics of high heat energy, this makes heat pipe has high heat transfer efficiency of the equipment, heat pipe cooling working fluid was mainly used in vacuum evaporation and condensation heat transfer, when one end of the heat pipe is heated, capillary core work in liquid evaporation vaporization, Under the pressure difference, the steam flows to the other end to release heat and condense into a liquid, which then flows back to the evaporation end along the porous material by capillary action, and the heat can be transferred quickly along the heat pipe.

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