How to update shoebox fixture to led lights?

How to update shoebox fixture to led lights?

How to change the high pressure sodium(HPS) shoebox light into LED light or update shoebox fixture to led light?

Traditional shoebox lights are generally halogen lamps such as sodium lamps, which have high power consumption, short lifespan and low light efficiency. As shown picture. 1 , it is a schematic diagram of the structure of a conventional rear flip-type street light ,The lamp cap includes a housing assembly 100 , a reflector 200 , a sodium lamp light source 300 , a sodium lamp power source 400 , and a glass protective cover 500 . LED has the advantages of high luminous efficiency, power saving and long life, and its application is more and more extensive. At present, LED shoebox lights have appeared.


We need to pay attention to a few things when changing lights.

1. Check whether the circuit meets the conditions of use.

After many years of operation of the LED Shoebox light system, the power transmission quality of the power supply line will decline, mainly in the increase of the line resistance and the decline of the insulation performance. Therefore, at the beginning of the shoebox light transformation, the power supply line must be comprehensively examine.

2. Inspection of the structural parts of the Shoebox Light body and analysis of the force change.

The Light body structure of the shoebox lights includes a base, a light pole, a light cap and other accessories. The materials of the structural parts include metal, glass, plastic, etc. The inspection of structural parts is mainly based on visual inspection, mainly to check whether the structural parts are corroded, deformed, broken and other phenomena that affect the appearance and structural stress. Most of the street lamps will be damaged by local components after a few years of operation. During the renovation process of the street lamps, the damaged parts should be repaired or replaced to make the transformed shoebox light meet the conditions of use.


According to the lumen of the appropriate choice of LED light power.Like 100W LED light Replacement 500W HPS Parking lot Light.

Depending on the local voltage, the US base voltage is 110-277V or 480V to select the appropriate LED driver and LED Retrofit Light  .


Replace the device according to the following steps.

How to update shoebox fixture to led lights?

Warm reminder, any electrical products have certain safety risks, please contact professional maintenance.

In addition,For the areas where traditional parking lot lights are used, if the existing LED street lights are used for replacement, the original traditional street lights need to be disassembled as a whole, and the brand-new LED light heads must be installed as a whole, which cannot be used for the original traditional street lights. Retrofit not only makes the cost of replacement and reconstruction high, but the original light holder of traditional street lights cannot be used, resulting in repeated investment and waste, and after such a retrofit LED street light fails, the whole new LED street light light holder must be replaced as a whole. After replacement or overall disassembly, it is brought back for maintenance, and then re-installed after maintenance, which makes maintenance troublesome, low efficiency and high cost,These need to be assessed locally.

If you want to save cost or want to replace directly, you can also directly buy CROWNDALED ARQ series replacement directly.


This is a low cost, the appearance is consistent with the traditional street light, installation and disassembly is simple to use the traditional street light transformation LED shoebox light, the LED parking lot light can be transformed and maintained on site, high installation efficiency.

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